The Nigerian Woman and the Cross of a Cheating Spouse

Post by Dinah Ekundayo

Holy Matrimony Let's talk about cheating and the Nigerian woman.
Dear Nigerian woman,
I have always known there was something off about the way most of you were raised, I use "you" because I think that my parents did their own individual bit to raise me above the norm. Infidelity is a no, no, no in marriage it can be forgiven if it happens once but shouldn't be taken as a norm or the right of the Nigerian men to cheat with impunity. The Nigerian woman should not also be made to carry this cross in marriage without questioning or demanding better.  The Nigerian woman is raised to be quiet and endure while I was raised to speak up, ask questions, and demand answers. This, of course, didn't sit exactly well with my disciplinarian mum and earned me lots of beatings as she never could understand why I should question her punishing me when it was my younger brothers who were at fault, or why I should demand answers for being asked to do a particul…

L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science PhD Poster competition 2017

The L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Ph.D. Poster competition is now open. This poster competition is open to female Ph.D. Students currently studying Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science and Maths in the UK or Ireland. Selected candidates are to present their work on a poster at the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Ceremony on the 4th of May 2017 at the Royal Society, London.
To apply, you will need to write a maximum of 300 words abstract and be available to present your poster on the 4th May 2017 17.00-21.30 at the Royal Society, London. Please find the template for the abstract here. Please send complete abstract applications to Ellyw Evans ( by 5 pm 27th March 2017.Winning entrants will be notified of the outcome by 10th April 2017. 

All poster presenters will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony as a guest of L’Oréal and receive a L’Oréal Goodie Bag. The posters will be judged on the evening and winning poster presenters …

The Purpose of a Formal Education

A few days ago I was sitting at my desk studying quietly when I overheard a colleague speaking with his friend (I had to inform him before posting this so he knows I heard all of their conversation). This post is really about their conversation which I found interesting and I would like to know what you all think. So here goes the conversation (paraphrased of course);
Colleague: What are your plans after your first degreeColleague's Friend: I'm not sure. Still confused.Colleague: Why is that?Colleague's Friend: I do not know if to go get a job or to start a masters program. I would like to ask you why you chose to do a Masters program after a bachelor's degree in Engineering
His response was sort of thought-provoking and I consider it true. He said ' You can graduate with a first class and not know anything (I think he means not knowing how to apply yourself), education should fuel something in you but most of the education we get (in Nigeria), empties what is alread…

On Living Intentionally

The past few weeks have been pretty rough and tough with the news of the passing of two people who were dear to us. Both of them passed away under different circumstances and in different countries. We hadn't seen Pastor Oyebami in over two years and our relationship had been confined to facebook messaging and a few telephone calls. Yet this hurt deeply as we remembered his impact and life of selflessness and impact. Everyone who knew him could testify to his selfless giving and love not tainted by unneccessary tribalism and religious bigotry. Yemi on the other hand, hit close to home as she was a dear friend of my husband who had turned a family friend. She was a cheerful, happy and  real person. She was a kind hearted and helpful woman. I remember my husband being on the phone with her and laughing so hard, then he gets off the phone and relays what she said and I join in the laughter. She had a sort of beautiful unintentional sense of humor. We saw her on her sick bed and she …

McKinsey & Company Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017

McKinsey & Company is inviting female students and experienced professionals to apply for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017!McKinsey passionately believes in developing outstanding female leaders. The company has also published numerous acclaimed pieces that demonstrate the importance of women in leadership, including Women Matter and the Centered Leadership project. Now, McKinsey would like to invite you to take the next step of your leadership journey.McKinsey is looking to get to know more women just like you:Individuals who enjoy problem-solving and creative thinkingWomen who thrive when working with other peopleWomen who actively seek ways to maximize their own potentialUltimately, McKinsey is looking for women who want to use their talents to make a positive change in their lives and the world we share.If you are thinking “wow, this sounds like me!” here's an opportunity to apply for a Next Generation Women Leaders Award! This is your opportunity to learn more…

ARPPIS-DAAD PhD Scholarships for Study at icipe, Kenya

Three-year doctoral training in insect sciences for development
The International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Kenya, in partnership with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) In-Country/In-Region Scholarships Programme and African university partners, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for PhD scholarships in the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Sciences (ARPPIS).
Eligibility criteriaA national of a country in sub-Sahara Africa.A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum pass of second-class, upper division.A Master’s degree taken with both coursework and research in the field of natural sciences or another field relevant to the PhD project.The Master’s degree must have been completed less than six years ago at the time of application.Qualified female candidates and candidates from less privileged regions or groups as well as candidates with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.Qualified nationals of French- and Portugu…

Taiwan International Graduate Program 2017 Application Announcement

Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) is now accepting applications for the 2017 fall semester. You are most welcomed to apply via TIGP Online Application System before March 31, 2017.Why TIGP?·TIGP is under the supervision of Academia Sinica, a government-funded foremost research institution with a proud tradition and international recognition·TIGP, in cooperation with top research universities in Taiwan, offers highly specialized, interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs at the cutting edge of science and technology·TIGP offers all-English tutoring and research environment and world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities·TIGP offers graduate fellowships of NTD34,000/month (about USD1,130/month) to ALL admitted students for up to 3 yearsTIGP is currently offering twelve interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs. To learn more about a specific option, please select from the following list to proceed to the program's website:1.Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics »2.Molecular Sci…