Almost a Typical Day

Ask me what a typical day in the life of a schooling mum is and I will tell you - There's none because every day has its own peculiarities. Well, here goes the gist of my day so far.
DH had been out of town until last night so I thought to sleep in a little this morning as I was going to get a hand with getting the kids ready for the day anyway. So I slept 😊. I woke up late enough and started to pack up lunch and snacks for the day. As I was getting that done, DH informed me that he had to go into a meeting. This meant that he had to hurry as well with getting the kids ready so that we'll all not end up running late. After all the morning rush, we were finally out of the house and on our way to school. Thankful and relieved, I drove the kids to school while thinking about my experiments and what time I needed to plate some culture.  The sound 'Mummy see, Mummy you are not listening, Mummy' broke into my thoughts and I finally answered my little madam. She was calling my…

Rant 001 - When will you finish?

Picture credit: Ph.D. Humor I was having a chat with one of my colleagues a few days ago and we veered into the 'dreaded' subject -  'When will you finish'?
Me: How's your writing going ( he is writing up his thesis)
Colleague: I have written a review paper and I am working on another paper. How's yours going?
Me: Pretty good except that one of the platforms I work on is undergoing some upgrade so I have no access for a few days.
Colleague: Good time to take a break
Me: Not really. Tired of everyone asking me when I am finishing
Colleague: So sick of it. Many people do not understand the value of the work we do. They perceive us as students trying to pass an exam but I would like to see myself as a Scientist because that's what I am at this stage. I would not let anyone's lack of understanding or appreciation for my work bother me. So in response to their que…

GreenHouse Lab - Female-focused Accelerator Program

Women receive only 2.2% of Venture capital funding yet gender diverse teams produce over 30% higher return on investment. GreenHouse Capital aims to change that. 
Applications are now open to female-led tech startups for the opportunity to receive world-class tech entrepreneurship training, a minimum of 100K USD and access to a global network of mentors and investors.
Application Criteria  Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the program:  • Must be an early-stage tech startup with at least one female member on their founding or leadership team  • Must have identified a critical need in Africa and is building an effective, sustainable and scalable solution  • Must have a team consisting of at least two members including one technical member  • Must have developed, at a minimum, a beta-product and be in the process of refining a go-to-market strategy, building out sales channels and generating revenue  • Must be extremely passionate about their chosen v…

Preparation is Key

This article was written by Samuel Osho
One of my best-kept secrets is my love for beans. I don't mind having beans at least once every day. You can imagine how frequent "cook beans" pops up on my to-do list. Well, it's not much of a bother, it's one of the easiest foods to prepare. I was one of those kids that believed in the law that portends a direct variation between beans in-take and increase in height.  I recently decided to cook yet again another pot of beans. I poured the beans into the pot and mistakenly overrated the capacity of my pot. I thought to myself, "It's just a few cups of beans and this pot should be able to handle it."  Unfortunately, I was wrong. About twenty minutes into preparing the meal, the uncooked beans started pouring all over the place from the pot, causing fumes to fill the kitchen. I had to stop and look for a bigger pot.  And then it dawned on me how I was tricked by the pot. I was also reminded of how God carefully…

Postpartum Weight Loss

Hi people,
It's been a minute here. I don't want to promise to do better but seriously, I should do better. It's been a very busy couple of months - blame it on being a Ph.D. candidate, mummy and wife (whew). 
I've been struggling with my weight post baby number 2 and I kind of know what's responsible. Apart from my love for food ( a constant by the way), breastfeeding seemed to make me hungrier and resulted in me eating more. Baby Tee is almost 9 months old now and he's started on solids for a few months. This means he doesn't get as much breastmilk as he used to in the earlier months. This equals my excess food not been let out through the milk and just storing up in my body. What is the point of this epistle you may wonder, well, I want to put it out there that I am trying to control my portions and include some regular gym time to my schedule. Putting it out there may increase my commitment to going the whole 9 yards. 
To be fair to me, I have in the p…

International Women's Day - Best Practice Competition

#PressforProgressAre you running International Women's Day activity? Could it be an example of 'best practice'? Might other groups benefit from seeing and understanding your success? Can you provide engaging content and photographs as evidence of your activity and its impact? If so, the International Women's Day 2018 "Best Practice" Competition could be for you. For the very first time, the IWD is asking groups to step forward and share best practice.  How did you champion International Women's Day 2018 in a meaningful way that inspired others to #PressforProgress and help forge gender parity? Competitions have winners so, in true competition style, a team of respected professionals from across industry worldwide will collectively review and decide the leading examples of Best Practice that truly made an impact celebrating International Women's Day 2018 and strived to #PressforProgress. A number of Best Practice Champions will be selected across categor…

McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders